Bank of Westminster

Bank of Westminster (Main Branch), Westminster, California

Anthony Paul Tomko started his own bank after his employer fired him for being in the hospital paralyzed. An article in The Star magazine dated March 11, 1980 by Richard Mortlock, details the tremendous story of a man who fought for life, and never gave up. Together with Dr. Charles A. Bonnett, M.D. (Fountain Valley Hospital), George W. Peterson, Warren L. Rosendale (Tri Star Plastics), J. Wayne Stewart (J. A. Stewart Construction), Eddie H. Tsuruta (Atlas Vegetable Exchange) and Frederick J. Hanshaw (F.J. Hanshaw Enterprises), the men who believed in, and supported Paul’s dream, worked together to make the American Dream come true, through hard word, education, and unwavering determination. Please take a moment to read the Annual Reports available for download to see the legacy that was Bank of Westminster, Orange County, California.

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A. Paul Tomko, Janice Tomko, U.S. Congressman Robert K. Dornan (R) California
A. Paul Tomko, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) California, Janice Tomko